Uncover your own unconscious “Upper Limit” for abundance and Discover how to raise it  
to allow more money into your life with more ease!

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Stop letting your money issues run the show, and unlock the abundance you were destined for.

"I've historically had this tense, kind of love/hate relationship with money.
It's always been this tense, kind of high-pressured feeling when it comes to money.
Taking Tina's course really immersed me in this totally new mindset of being relaxed and allowing money to flow into my life. 

For me, the results have been pretty fantastic. I've made over $3,000 just in the last couple weeks, and it's been really phenomenal just getting to be in this place where I'm more relaxed and allowing money to flow in, giving my gifts, of course, serving people and working, but generating income without having all the stress and anxiety that normally comes along with it."
- Joseph Rea

Frustrated with the one-size-fits-all approach that throws information and templates at you, without checking if it’s RIGHT FOR YOU?

Tired of taking one program after another promising stellar results, only to come up short-handed?

You follow all the steps - until you get stuck or something doesn’t work. Soon you’re lost in the weeds and trying to find your way back.

After collecting so many training programs and 5-step formulas that seem to work for everyone else except for you, you’re starting to realize that something’s not quite right.

What’s really going on here??

Have you ever thought:

“Oh, that’ll never work!” 


“Who am I to do that?”  

Hi, my name is Tina van Leuven and I found myself lost in the maze of training programs ten years ago. I was on a wild goose-chase trying to find that one perfect formula to attract the wealth and abundance I wanted so badly from doing what I loved.

Yet no matter how much I learned, I found myself stuck in the same spot. Trying desperately to find new clients and make enough to cover the bills.

And then, after years of searching, I finally discovered something that turned my world upside down.

I learned that deep down inside, we all have an Inner Shitty Committee.

Yes, that’s right. Your very own panel of self-proclaimed experts who do nothing but undermine your efforts. And who cause you to second-guess yourself every single day.

These trouble-making hooligans cause you to have thoughts like “Who am I to do that?” or “Oh, that’ll never work!”

They make you doubt and question your ideas, slowing you down or stopping you altogether.

In short - your Inner Shitty Committee keeps you away from doing the things that set you free to live the life you know deep inside is yours to live.

Simply because it’s outside your comfort zone.

And sadly, most people let this unappointed panel of misfits run the show. They lose out on so many opportunities, simply because of the voices telling them they can’t do it.

But here’s the good news:

There IS a way out.

I finally discovered a way to overcome the power of the Inner Shitty Committee and tap into a field of abundance that is all around us.

Once I applied these concepts, I started making more money than I ever had before, all while doing what I love.

In fact, what used to be my average TOP monthly income is now my occasional LOWEST month.

And I helped my clients to increase their income, as well.

One client even tripled her monthly income in her very first month!

You see, making money doesn’t have to be this painful thing that sucks the life out of you. And you don’t have to spend a whole lifetime searching for the perfect strategy or template.

I believe in going beyond the surface-level tactics and strategies to get to the root of the issue. And in making small inner shifts that lead to the biggest results.

When you take back power over your financial destiny, you unlock the wealth and abundance that was destined for you all along.

When I first heard about the Sacred Money Archetypes® late 2013 I was so excited by the potential of how this could help not just myself but also my clients, that I enrolled in Kendall Summerhawk’s training to become a certified facilitator of her method.

For the first few years I only shared the Sacred Money Archetypes® with private clients and as a bonus in the 40 Day Money and Miracles program. Since then I have integrated their wisdom and have come to work with them in my own unique way.

In March 2018 I received a delicious divine download of inspiration to offer a combination of the Sacred Money Archetypes® and the deep transformational money mindset and energy alignment work I’ve shared over the years in a new group program so that more people can benefit from this magical and powerful combination.

That’s when the Money Mindset Makeover announced itself and a few weeks later the first group started.

Now it is available for you to experience!

Introducing: The 6-week Money Mindset Makeover

The 6-week Money Mindset Makeover is an online program designed to recalibrate your abundance frequency and boost your money mojo once and for all. So you can clear your money blocks and start earning the income your work truly deserves.

In addition, you’ll get tangible, concrete steps you can take to start generating income immediately. 

By learning how to recognize and tame your Inner Shitty Committee, you’ll take back control of your finances. So YOU get to decide how much money to make, and when.

During our 6-week journey together, you’ll:

Week One - Heed the Call

Energetic Goal Setting Process for Your Juicy Money Goals

Leverage a powerful goal-setting technique to blast through chaos and confusion, getting to the core essence of what you truly desire. Stop wasting time going in circles and get straight to the path that will get you REAL RESULTS.

Week Two - Clear the Blocks

Reset Your Upper Limit to Abundance

Identify the subconscious blocks that have been capping your wealth and keeping you stuck. Break through the resistance and unleash the force of potential inside you. Start to experience new levels of joy, passion and money as you transcend the limitations of the past.

Week Three - Money Story Makeover

Shift your Money Perspective

Create a new, empowering money story to replace the one you’ve released. As Dr Wayne Dyer said: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Embrace a new way of living that opens up opportunities all around you.

Week Four - Sacred Money Alignment

Discover the power of Sacred Money Archetypes, and what it means for your individual journey.

Learn how human wealth consciousness is mapped onto 8 unique identities describing how we think, feel and act with regard to money. By tapping into your own Sacred Money Archetypes, you get crystal clear on the action steps needed to manifest your juicy money goals.

Week Five - Business Insight Breakthrough

Uncover the biggest opportunities for growth in your business that hold the key to your next quantum leap. 

Leveraging your new money story and your Sacred Money Archetypes, you’ll discover exactly what actions are required at this phase of your journey. Get a powerful new tool to boost your confidence in charging the fees your work deserves.

Week Six - Create a Brighter Future

Lock in the deep Money Mindset shifts to propel you into a path of increased wealth and abundance.

Embrace your innate brilliance to light up the world with your greatest gifts.

Your Money Mindset Makeover starts with the first weekly group call on

Wednesday, September 19th northern hemisphere from 5-6:30pm pacific / 8-9:30pmEST

which will be

Thursday, September 20th in Australia from 8-9:30am Perth / 10-11:30am Sydney

The investment for this group program is $997.

Early Bird Special ( expires ) $697!


  • You'll receive a BONUS 90 minute private call with me to Meet Your Inner Money Team, valued at $497
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    Week Seven - BONUS 90 minute Group Integration Call to anchor your insights from the last 6 weeks and propel you forward with increased ease and grace, valued at $297

The investment for this group program is $997.

Early Bird Special (expires ) $697!


upgrade to vip with private coaching for only $1497 (normally $2497)

You will :

  • Learn how to transform your money weak spots into strengths, leading to exponential gains.
  • Get individualized and group support in taking MASSIVE ACTION toward reaching your new money goals.


Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your money goals, so you know exactly what to go after without second-guessing yourself.

I had a belief system running that I had to work really hard for money. And that money doesn't come easily into my life... But during the play shop I signed up my first coaching client for six months! And the most amazing thing is that they paid in full.

Before the play shop, I believed that barely anyone could afford coaching and if they did, the last thing they would do is pay for it up front. Now this obviously massively shifted through me throughout the play shop. And it was a really amazing experience to see money coming in a large sum in a really easy, simple, fun and exciting way. 
- Julia McKeowen


Discover the Sacred Money Archetypes® that hold the key to your unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to making money.


Uncover your own unconscious “Upper Limit” for abundance, and raise it to allow more money into your life.


“Anyone who's sitting there, needing more money, or trying to realize a dream and feeling like you can't... it's so critical to jump in now and get the right foundation so you don't waste time.

I wasted a lot of years and looking back, that's the one thing that at the end of the class, I look back and I'm like, "Ah," all the years of struggle rather than enjoying togetherness and abundance and really just being peacefully in my purpose.

So, why struggle? Just jump in and get the truth and shake loose.”
- Barbara Arnold-Herzer


What others have said...

Debbie Howard - 
Founder Aging Matters Int.

Tina has a wonderful way of encouraging us to try something new, even if we may have tried it before. 

I love the “magic mantra” … I have LOTS going on in my head at all times, so that was really helpful to me, and I’ve used it almost everyday since she gave it to us.

And I’m finding that her teachings flow into all aspects of my life - not just my money story!

Karla Rothmann -
Karla Rothmann Horses

All of my goals have been hugely exceeded, I could not have done this without you.

I am certain that without your guidance I would not be living the dream I am now. You showed me where my confidence was hiding and made some of the hardest, life changing decisions seem like a piece of cake.

Thank you for always believing in my dreams and reminding me what it really is that I want to manifest in my life.

Lena Barnes -
Director Aegle Sustainability

Work with Tina, she is amazing and will, if you are willing, help you get to wherever it is that you want to be.

When I signed up I had hoped to get over the fear of being rejected – not good enough, being put down by others ( aka who does she think she is!) and even though I am confident, having the confidence to just go for it.

Investing $$ in myself through her was a massive deal and breakthrough for me as I don’t part with money easily. I’m so glad I did, though! I’ve gotten over many fears and have turned my dreams into actions.

The investment for this group program is $997.

Early Bird Special (expires ) $697!


upgrade to vip with private coaching for only $1497

(normally $2497)


You'll receive a BONUS 90 minute private call with me to Meet Your Inner Money Team, valued at $497


Week Seven - BONUS 90 minute Group Integration Call to anchor your insights from the last 6 weeks and propel you forward with increased ease and grace, valued at $297

Upon completion of your payment you will receive email with log-in access to your membership portal and the call access info so be sure to check your inbox for email from tina@www.tinavanleuven.com

If your PayPal email is NOT your primary email, please send me a message so you will receive all the course access info.


Q. What if I can't make all the group calls live?

A. Not to worry. Even though attending live is recommended, There are replays of all the group calls and these are usually posted within 24 hours inside the membership portal for easy access.

If you opt for the VIP upgrade with private calls then these can obviously be scheduled at times that work for you and you can choose to bundle them into one hour calls, if preferred.

There’s also a private FB group where you can interact with the others in the program to share your celebrations, your inspired actions, questions etc and receive support in between the calls.

Q. What's the difference between the Money Mindset Makeover and the 40 Day Money and Miracles Experience?

A. As Julia McKeowen said so well:

They are completely different experiences! The 40 Day Money and Miracles is like a deep personal journey into ourselves, it uncovers repeating sabotage patterns and facilitates the beginning stages of shifting these through journaling and meditation. I received many profound subtle insights as well as very deep insights. It began my process of healing my relationship with money. And also seeing what else was possible. It helped me identify when my programs and belief systems were at Play.  

The Money Mindset Makeover is a much more hands-on experience with coaching, mentoring and training. We delved deep into the sacred money archetypes and discovered our strengths, weaknesses and how to recognize this in our lives. And harness their power. 

In the Money Mindset Makeover, I found it much more practical and instead of just shifting my beliefs and thoughts around money, I experienced real physical changes. I love both courses and believe the 40 Day Money and Miracles is a perfect place to start, but I also really recommend people take on the more Hands-On approach by doing the Money Mindset Makeover.

The group calls were so valuable and especially the tune up coaching calls with Tina. During those 30 minutes we got so much done you couldn't put a price on it!!! I loved all of the incredible wisdom and advice Tina shared with me during these phone calls, it literally changed my experience in business and I'm getting so much better results!!!

The investment for this group program is $997.

Early Bird Special (expires ) $697!


upgrade to vip with private coaching for only $1497

(normally $2497)


You'll receive a BONUS 90 minute private call with me to Meet Your Inner Money Team, valued at $497


Week Seven - BONUS 90 minute Group Integration Call to anchor your insights from the last 6 weeks and propel you forward with increased ease and grace, valued at $297

The group version includes:

6 weekly 90 minute group calls, for  AU$997 

EARLY BIRD price of AU$697 (approx. US$520)

Upgrade to VIP package, which includes:

6 weekly 90 minute group calls,

PLUS an additional 6 private 30 minute calls with me, for AU$2497

EARLY BIRD price of AU$1497 (approx. US$1111 )

                  Happiness Guarantee

It is my intention that you’ll love this 6 week adventure as much as I’ve loved receiving the divine downloads and creating this journey for you. Please be aware that this program requires a 100% commitment and there are no refunds. Therefore I invite you to really feel if this is a YES for you before you sign up.

How can you tell? A clear YES feels light, sometimes recognised as that butterflies in your belly sensation of excitement, or you simply know.

If you’re on the fence about it, then ask yourself what you need to know to either get to a place of a clear YES or a clear NO. 

Energy invested sitting on the fence, also known as doubting or second guessing yourself, is a huge waste of your precious life force. I invite you to gift yourself with clarity by making an empowered decision.

If it’s a YES, then I look forward to welcoming you to an extraordinary journey that will transform the way you experience money as you create a thriving Joyful Soul Business , as many who have gone before you have already experienced. That is my Happiness Guarantee.

I am confident in saying that as long as you do your part by going through the 6 week journey, show up for the coaching calls, implement and reach out for support when you hit a roadblock, then it’s absolutely impossible to stay stuck. Yep, this does require effort on your part but I can assure you it’ll be well worth it.

You’ll love the ease and grace infusions in your life and business as you release the fear, doubt, and worries that may have sabotaged you from turning your dreams into reality.

Copyright text 2018 by Tina van Leuven. Disclaimer: Results of this, or any program, experienced by others are not guaranteed to be your results. If you sit around and just meditate without taking inspired action and showing up for the coating calls, then don't waste your money, nor time, investing in this or any of my programs. Just sayin'