Curious what's been blocking your flow of abundance? Take the money quiz to find out which Sacred Money Archetype® has been running your Inner Money Team!

Please use the following rating scale: 1= Strongly Disagree 2= Disagree 3= Neutral 4= Agree 5= Strongly Agree

Choose the rating that is truest for you and please be honest. Don't answer the questions with an answer you wish to be true. If there's a question that used to be true but is no longer true for you, you still want to give it a fairly high score because you're scoring the overall picture of your life, not just the most recent time-frame.

The quiz takes about 10 minutes to complete.


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1. Being recognized for giving big to charities or social causes is important to me.

2. I don't feel a strong connection to money.

3. I believe I'll be happy when I have more money (even though what I have now is more than I've had before).

4. I believe it's greedy or not spiritual to focus too much on money.


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