What Could A Money Mindset Makeover Do For Your Money Mojo?

By Tina van Leuven | Money Mindset

Mar 16

The Money Mindset Makeover is a 6 week online group program to recalibrate your abundance frequency and boost your money mojo as you get your Inner Money Team members working with you, instead of sabotaging you, to achieve your goals.

The primary focus will be on aligning your money mindset and energy with your juicy money goals and then taking aligned action steps.

I'm a big fan of practical spirituality and helping you tame your Inner Shitty Committee - who love to have you second-guess yourself - so that you can show up fully as YOU and express your brilliance in the world in ways most joyful and fulfilling for you.

And that includes receiving the money and resources that support you with bringing your gifts into the world to those who benefit from it and have been waiting for YOU to show up and be seen.

During our 6 week journey together:

  • You'll get crystal clear on what you want to manifest and set yourself a few juicy money goals, which will bring up all sorts of stuff... aka as resistance, which we'll clear and transform during the group calls.
  • You'll  learn how to get your Sacred Money Archetypes to support you as you create aligned action steps towards your goals.
  • You'll discover what your current unconscious upper limit is in regards to receiving money... and how to shift and increase that.
  • You'll experience how to tap into the hidden strengths and gifts that your lowest score archetype has available for you to help transform the challenges of your #1 archetype. 
  • You'll receive the support of our group and myself to hold you accountable to taking the aligned action steps you set for yourself, aka making shit happen 🙂
  • You'll very likely be surprised at how this Money Mindset Makeover positively impacts every other area of your life and business.

As this is a BETA version, this is a rough outline of what we'll be covering during our 6 weeks as it'll be co-created as we go; as such, there may be some tweaks and upgrades and hence the lower priced options to join me.

It's a 'new' program in that this is the first time I'm offering this as a 6 week group journey to dive deeper with the Sacred Money Archetypes with very practical focus on manifesting your money goals.

Some of this was included in the 40 Day Money and Miracles Experience group calls and if you've worked with me privately, then you'll have experienced the power of aligning your Inner Money Team with your juicy money goals and other intentions.

I'll very likely add in some other yummy bonuses based on what the group requires more support with, too.

The group calls will be on Wednesdays, starting April 4th northern hemisphere, which will be April 5th in Australia. We'll run a poll to find a time for the group calls that works best for everyone, including me.


I'm offering two options:

  1. The group version, which includes 6 weekly 90 minute group calls, for  AU$997  BETA price of AU$497 ( approx. US$390)

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  2. Upgrade to VIP package, which includes an additional 6 private 30 minute calls with me, for AU$2497 BETA price of AU$997 (approx. US$777 )

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Sign up by this Sunday, March 18th, and I'll also gift you an extra private 90 minute Inner Money Team Strategy Call, valued at $497.

Woot, woot! Can you tell I'm excited to share this adventure with you and see the breakthroughs unfolding for you as you give yourself a Money Mindset Makeover? 

If you have any questions or would like clarification on anything, message me via FB or email me at tina@www.tinavanleuven.com so that we can have a chat to see which option(s) are the best fit for you at this time.

many joyful blessings,



About the Author

Tina van Leuven is an Abundance Mindset Mentor for Soulpreneurs and Joyful Soul Business Coach, plus an international bestselling author who knows how to help you turn off your Inner Shitty Committee, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your business is a true expression of your divine essence. She brings 30+ years experience of a wide variety of healing modalities and transformational tools - and that's just from this lifetime, lol Her strength lies in her light-hearted, yet deep approach to getting to the core of what's been holding you back so you are free to seriously enjoy your life and business.

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