Are You Living Your Dream or Someone Else’s?

By Tina van Leuven | Soul Purpose

Jun 12

  • Which dreams did your parents or teachers have for you as you were growing up?
  • Did these dreams match your own?
  • And which dreams have you given birth to, or ditched, since then?

My question for you today is:

Are You Living Your Dream or Someone Else’s?

Many of us grew up being told that we could be or do anything we set our hearts and minds to BUT at the same time how often did you hear you should choose a career path that would ensure a viable stream of income?

If your dreams didn’t match the socially acceptable path, then what?

Did you stay true to your heart’s desires?

Or did you pursue the path that would most likely bring in the money and then hope you’d have time for the fun stuff on the side?

I am living the dream I envisioned for myself when I quit my airline career in 2008. Despite some major challenges along the way as I was finding my way in how to monetise my gifts and talents, that almost had me go bankrupt, it has been SO worth it.

  • I had a LOT of crap that had to be released in order for me to feel safe to shine my light and I experienced every limiting money belief you could imagine trying to stop me…
  • Plus lifetimes of memories, and the fear that was still in my body, of being persecuted for expressing my healing gifts…

Knowing that shit is there is one thing… to actually really let it all go… well, that calls for surrender and THAT has been my expedited apprentice journey of the last 9 years.

TRUST, Faith and Surrender…

I guess that was all part of the training to prepare me for what I ‘do’ today and it has certainly fine-tuned my ability to perceive where and when others are being harassed by their Inner Shitty Committee… you know, those voices of doubt, confusion, overwhelm, fear and not to forget the inner critic… that can derail you in a flash if you’re not aware of what’s going on.

I get to work with THE coolest and most amazing entrepreneurs, artists, healers, coaches and trailblazers from all over the world!

I just LOVE helping them turn on their money mojo so they are free to experience both the joy AND financial success they desire. All while uncovering THE most joyful ways of expressing their brilliance and gifts via their business.

Funny how life unfolds in the most magical ways… once we get out of the way of our brilliance.

So let me ask you again:

Are you living YOUR dream or someone else’s?

If not your own, then what will it take to say YES to YOU?

If not now, then when?

What if your soul and sole purpose is to discover what lights YOU up and then find ways to make that your business?


Until we meet again, go forth and let joy be your guide to a life and business that are worth waking up for every day.

joyful blessings,


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About the Author

Tina van Leuven loves helping others find their JOY Spot in their life and business. She's a Practical Joy Alchemist, Abundance Mindset Mentor and Joyful Soul Business Coach, as well as an international bestselling author who knows how to help you turn off your Inner Shitty Committee, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your business is a true expression of your divine essence. She brings 30+ years experience of a wide variety of healing modalities and transformational tools - and that's just from this lifetime, lol Her strength lies in her light-hearted, yet deep approach to getting to the core of what's been holding you back so you are free to seriously enjoy your life and business.

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