​what will your ​life, relationships, health and wealth feel like with more joy?

Are you game to find out?

Regardless of how much or how little joy you're currently experiencing in your life,

whether it's in your business, your health, your finances, your relationships, your creative expression

or simply in being alive on the planet at this time...

What if there's a whole new level of joy for you to receive and experience?...

😊 And what if you had access to super practical support to turn up the joy in any area of your choosing?

Would you say YES to welcoming more joy in your life right now?

​welcome to the joy evolution summit

​and the

​practical joy experiment

The ​JOY Evolution Summit kicks off on Wednesday, September 25th and wraps up in December 2019.

​Imagine what might be available for you to experience with more joy

in your life,your relationships, your body, your creative expression,

your business or career, your finances...

JOY Evolution Summit Speakers

Meet your joy evolution guides 

​September 25th - December 6th

Every week you'll have access to 3 new juicy JOY interviews.

your joy speakers

wednesday, September 25th

Jennifer Zwiebel - Joy Evolution

jeniifer zwiebel

Chief Visionary at A Place of Joy

How to craft your life from

a place of joy. 

thursday, September 26th

Amrita Sophia Le Page

​amrita sophia le page

​Relationship & Intimacy Coach

​Sex is Power.

friday, September


Lisa Dennen Young - Joy Evolution

​lisa dennen-young

​Women's Leadership Mentor & Entertainer

​Your E.Y.E. for Success - Embracing Your Expression

wednesday, october 2nd

Minette Riordan - Joy Evolution

​dr minette riordan

​Founder of ​The Confident Creative Playshop

​3 Ways Creative Play Relieves Stress and Creates More Joy in Your Life​.

thursday, october 3rd

​anne lafleur

​Founder of The Gift of Happiness

​Why your happiness is a gift.

friday, october


Marcia Mariner - Joy Evolution

​marcia mariner

​​Sacred Worth Coach

Take the Leap and Joyfully Thrive in Your Sacred Business.


wednesday, october 9th

Dr Debra Reble

​dr debra reble

​Intuitive Psychologist & Transformational Coach

4 Sacred Practices to Know Your Soul is Calling.

thursday, october 10th

Rachel Kieffer - Joy Evolution

​rachel kieffer

​Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach


​Fall In Love With A Healthy Life.

friday, october


​linda caducoy

​CEO at Caducoy Coaching International

4 A's to Uncover Your Authentic Expression of Joy.

wednesday, october 16th

Shannon Hernandez - Joy Evolution

​m. shannon hernandez

​Marketing Strategist and Consultant

Activate Your Joy|Money Connection.

thursday, october 17th

​lena barnes

​Coach, author and founder of the Global Side Hustle Academy 

From limiting beliefs to a deep reconnection with joy.

friday, october


Dr Heather Clark - Joy Evolution

​dr ​heather clark

​Founder of Vibrant Again

Unshakable: Gateways to Joy.

wednesday, october 23rd

Jennifer Urezzio - Joy Evolution

​jennifer urezzio

​Founder and creator 

of Soul Language

​​Connecting To The Joy In Your Soul.

thursday, october 24th

Denise Simpson

​denise m. simpson

​​​The Courageous Heart Coach

3 Keys to Your Courageous Heart to Radiate Your Love


friday, october


Elizabeth Patterson - Joy Evolution

elizabeth patterson

Women’s Leadership Coach and Burnout Strategist ​

Burned Out To Brilliant: 

How to Rewrite Your Story and Reclaim Your Joy After Burnout.

wednesday, october 30th

​geoffrey laughton

​Your Relationship Architect

The Straightest Path To Joy In Your Relationships.

thursday, october 21st

​iesha delune

​Authentic Happiness Coach

​The Happiness Recipe for Living Your Most Joyful Life.

friday, november


​carolyn mcgee

Master Intuitive Coach, Teacher & Healer

How Joy Amplifies Your Divine Receiving and Action.

wednesday, november 6th

Craig Urquhart - Joy Evolution

​craig urquhart

​​World Renowned Composer and Pianist

​The Healing Power of Music to ​Create Harmony and Joy

thursday, november 7th

​julie boyer

​​​Career Coach

​The Joy of Soul-Fulfilling Work

friday, november


Mark Mariner Joy Evolution

​mark mariner

​Couples Coach/

Soul Coach

​Deep Joy Can Endure In Your Relationship

wednesday, november 13th

Linda Joy - Joy Evolution

​linda joy

​Inspirista and Bestselling Publisher

​​​3 Sacred Steps to Activate Your Fear-Busting Superpowers

& Reclaim Joy.

thursday, november 14th

​jessica miller

​CEO of Brand New You Success Coaching


friday, november


Anne Rose Hart

​anne rose hart

Creator of Quantum Play ™


​Embodying Joy :

3 Levels of Evolving Yourself to Evolve

the Whole

wednesday, november 20th

​nat couropmitree

​​Creator of the Unconditional Receiving Framework

How Unconditional Receiving Opens You Up to Joy

thursday, november 21st

Jacqueline Kane Joy Summit

​jacqueline kane

​Stop the Pain Specialist

How to clear ancestral wounds and step into more joy and pleasure.

friday, november


​Orla Quinn

Sacred Sexuality &  Relationship Coach

​Sexual Sovereignty inspired by Irish Mythology

wednesday, december 4th

Rachel Dunham Joy Evolution

​rachel dunham

​Brand Strategist and Mentor

Getting Personal in Your Brand - How To Joyfully Express Your Brilliance

thursday, december 5th

​corey harnish

​CEO Better World International

The power of entertainment to inspire JOY

friday, december


​patricia missakian

​Founder Akashic Records Institute

How to connect with the Akashic Records Healing Guides to Reclaim Your Joy

The ​JOY Evolution Summit kicks off on Wednesday, September 25th and wraps up in December 2019.

 💕 Join us for the JOY Evolution Summit, featuring 30 amazing JOY beacons from around the world sharing their journey-to-joy stories with you and how they now express their divine brilliance in the world

in the most joyful 

and abundant ways.

 🎉 You'll  not only be inspired... you may just find your joy being sparked in unexpected,

delightful ways.

And because we didn't want you to only receive all this delicious inspiration

and then forget all about it...

You're invited to participate in our Practical Joy Experiment

so that you have the opportunity to actually DO something with all this juicy JOY wisdom shared

and apply it in any area of your life

where you'd like to experience more joy and abundance.

With the support of everyone else participating in our private Facebook group,

I wonder what kind of joy ripples we'll be co-creating...

​Meet your host Tina

Practical Joy Alchemist

Hi, I'm Tina and as a Practical Joy Alchemist I'm passionate about helping others Source their life from joy, freedom, love, light and abundance instead of playing by the old rules of struggle, sacrifice and obligation.

I absolutely love helping my clients discover how to express their joy in everyday life and business in the most deliciously fulfilling ways.

This often calls for clearing outdated money beLIEfs and energetically releasing lifelong limiting programming that's been sabotaging humanity for aeons from living a truly JOYful life.

​As a Joyful Soul Business Coach, creator of 'Money and Miracles', and international bestselling author ​I know how to help you turn off your Inner Shitty Committee, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your life and business are a true expression of your divine essence.

At the end of 2018 I was encouraged by my inner guidance team to unplug for a while.
I had no idea this was going to turn into half a year of purification of absolutely everything in my body and life that had not allowed joy and light in fully...
aka letting go of all attachments to control.
Phew, it's been intense!  🏋

I discovered aspects of me that had bought into: 

  • the beLIEf that joy is not supported on this planet
  • that it's not safe
  • that it doesn't provide practical resources so it's not a priority to survive, let alone thrive...

    ​As these imprints and distortions of truth were being dissolved by the light, I witnessed many generations of pain, sacrifice and obligation being released to make space for higher frequencies of joy and light to be anchored in my body.

Turns out that I was given a first-hand experience of a JOY Evolution so this

can now be shared with you to receive with so much more ease and grace.

You're welcome  😊

Then I found out I wasn't alone in this JOY Evolution and that ​sharing these experiences with others opened up space for even more joyful connections...

and ​that's how the JOY Evolution Summit

was created for YOU.​

ready for your joy evolution?

​Invite your friends - 

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