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Sep 21

What Happens When You Ask For Epic Abundance?

By Tina van Leuven | Energy Alignment

At the end of each year I have a ritual that I've engaged in for many years.

I also set aside time for this ritual at the start of any new project.

And it's a fabulous ritual to amplify your desires and intentions at both the new moon and the cross quarters, as in the Equinox and Solstice.

Being right in the energetic window of this September Equinox, followed by a full moon to illuminate what we might otherwise not
clearly see... 

this is a powerful opportunity to amplify YOUR desires, dreams and intentions.

So what's this ritual, you might ask?

Well, I sit down with my manifesting journal and write down my intentions for the desired outcome of a project. This can also be done on your computer; I'm just a big fan of writing with pen on paper.

When I do the annual ritual then there's more involved so for now let me just share the steps for amping up your manifesting mojo for a project or dream you wish to manifest.

And before your mind goes into 'I already know this stuff'...

give your mind permission and instruction to let go of thinking it already knows everything about manifesting so that you can be open to receiving an upgrade 🙂

OK, ready?

  1. Claim at least an hour of ME time where you will not be disturbed.
  2. I often do this at the beach as I love calling on the ocean energy to support me yet if I'm at home then I'll use some of my favourite energy clearing sprays or burn some Palo Santo. Use whatever lights YOU up and makes you feel really nurtured. You might like to light some candles. Whatever works for you to create a sacred space.
  3. I pull out my liquid crystal cards or goddess or angel cards and choose one card for overall energy, and one for each phase of the project. If it's 3 months, for example, then one card for each month's energy theme.
  4. Next I write down desired outcome.

Now this is where your manifesting mojo is about to get a boost!

If you've ever set lofty goals or declared your intentions for something that hasn't happened yet, despite you declaring your intentions again and again... then a couple of things tend to happen:

  1. You feel disappointed and guess what?... If this has happened more than a few times, now you’ve (un)consciously set up an expectation pattern that keeps running the expectation-disappointment loop. Frustrating as %&#@, right?
  2. You stop allowing yourself to feel what you really desire and hence ask for less than what lights you up as you settle for crumbs.
  3. You lose confidence in your ability to manifest what you desire.

Basically, it sets you up to quit right before the miracle.

The interesting thing I’ve noticed over the years is that I’ve had various judgments in place as to the ease or difficulty levels of my intentions and goals.

  • Asking my parking angels to line up a parking spot right in front of the beach? Easy.
  • Yet when it has come to manifesting money, for example, I’ve had a crap load of judgments and limitations as to what I felt was possible and available for me to manifest and receive.

Sound familiar?

Any time I’ve recognised the upper limits I had placed on my abundance and let that energy be transformed, then it opened up the flow and as if by magic, money flowed in more abundantly than I had previously allowed.

Even more interesting is when I started noticing how I’d sabotage that increased flow...

Just a few short years ago I was really struggling to make ends meet.

A good month for me back then was $2000 yet more often than not, I was lucky if I made $1000.

Obviously not enough to cover rent, utilities, bills and other living expenses.

  • Then I received the divine download that led to 40 Days of Money and Miracles, which helped me and many others heal our money wounds and stories. To this day I’m still in awe at how it all unfolded.
  • And then I discovered the Sacred Money Archetypes® , which helped me ground my alchemist essence as I discovered we all have an Inner Money Team that is either supporting us, or sabotaging us with achieving our juicy money goals. If you’re curious which archetype is running your Inner Money team, then take the Money Quiz.

As I integrated the archetypes into my joyful soul business coaching, what used to be a good month for me with $2000 is now a very rare lowest income month.

When I was doing my annual ritual at the end of last year to seed my intentions for 2018, I declared a super juicy money goal of experiencing my first $25K month. That’s over 10x what I allowed myself to receive just 5 years ago...

  • Did I know how this was going to happen? No.
  • Did I believe it was possible? Absolutely, even though I wasn’t sure how or when.

Well, guess what?

In April this year I exceed my super juicy $25K goal.

And guess what?

It felt ahmaaaazing and was so much FUN.

How did this happen?

This is where your manifesting mojo is about to get a boost.

I set incremental juicy money goals and backed those up with aligned action steps.

If I had set intention to go from $2000 a month to $25K a month, it wouldn’t have happened.


I simply had not expanded my consciousness to receive and have that increased abundance of money yet. Even though consciously I might say that I wanted it and was ready for it and believed it was possible, energetically I wasn’t prepared.

I see this happen a lot with clients and participants in my group programs, too.

  • Once this is shifted, then much to their delight, money starts to flow more abundantly.
  • And until that is shifted, then someone will keep on trying to do what they think they should be doing or have been told they should be doing, and just get more and more frustrated when they’re not getting the results they say they want and are ready for…

Which simply reinforces the biggest beLIEf of YOU not being enough….

Not ready enough

Not smart enough

Not deserving or worthy enough

Not whatever enough.

If the Inner Shitty Committee is broadcasting that tune on your channel, then STOP IT and re-mind yourself:


So what did I do and what do I teach my clients and students?

  • First of all, get clear on your numbers.

    What have you been receiving over the last 12 months?
    What have your expenses been over the last 12 months?
    What’s the difference between these numbers? Profit or loss?

    Just like entering your desired destination into your car’s navigation system or using google maps, in order to provide you with best directions, the system needs to know your starting location.

    If you’re not clear on what your actual numbers are and have been, versus what you think they’ve been… then you don’t have an accurate starting location.
  • Once you have these numbers, divide them by 12 to get a monthly average.

    In the Money Mindset Makeover program we then dive in deep to uncover your current upper abundance limit and how to reset this so you are energetically ready to receive the increased flow of abundance.

    You might be amazed, or not, at the unconscious money beLIEfs that’ll bubble up to the surface that will keep the brakes on…

    a very common one is the fear that you won’t be able to handle the increased money flow and/or that making more money means you’ll have to work harder and you’re already exhausted so no thanks…
  • Now that you actually know what your monthly average has been, what would you like it to be?

    This is where you start to set incremental steps.
  1. I like to set a minimum juicy money goal that will cover all the basics required to keep my biz running and cover all expenses in my private life plus some extra for fun.
  2. Then I set what I like to call my Shoot for the Moon goal, which seems crazy at the time yet still feel possible. Like my $25K juicy money goal when up until then my highest month had been just over $15K.
  3. And then I set what I call my Land Among The Stars goal, which is somewhere in between the minimum and the Shoot for the Moon goals.

Once you’ve got your numbers, then it’s time to get into aligned inspired action steps to bring you closer to manifesting your desired goals.

It will require you to step outside your comfort zone and do things that scare you.

You might have to risk being judged, ridiculed, abandoned, disappointed…

And you might have to risk succeeding and feeling deeply fulfilled whilst those you care about are still struggling or settling for less than makes their heart and soul sing...

  • If you’re just going to meditate and envision yourself celebrating having achieved your juicy goals yet you’re not taking any practical action steps, then you’re caught up in airy fairy magical thinking.
  • If you’re just charging ahead in action mode without first aligning your energy with your desired goals, then you’ll either achieve them and find yourself wondering if this is all there is… and go in search of more fulfilling experience by chasing next shiny object… or you’ll achieve your goals but end up having burnt yourself out.

Where the magic happens is when you combine the two: practical spirituality.

And what you’ll find happening is that as you review this process every 6 months or so, is that as you increase your minimum, Land Among the Stars and your Shoot for the Moon goals, that what once seemed crazy yet possible, has in fact manifested.

And that what used to be your upper limit has become your minimum bottom line.

And you’ll wonder why the hell you ever settled for so little!

It will require a willingness and commitment to fully believe in the light you are to manifest what deLIGHTs you…

That may sound simple, and it is…

yet not always easy when you’ve been conditioned to struggle, plug along and play by the rules of the ‘No Pain, No Gain’ game.

In case you’d like a re-mind-er to support you with creating new habits to support you with manifesting what you desire, here’s the video replay of Day One of the 5 Day Abundance Reset Challenge, which just completed.

It’s the first Abundance Reset Activation in the 5 days and will help you discover and aplly the 3 word Money Miracle Mantra.


​If you’d like more of where this came from and you’d love to have the downloadable audio mp3’s as well, then check out and grab the Super Juicy Abundant Soulpreneur Bundle while it’s still available at

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Many joyful blessings,

Money Mindset Mentor for soulpreneurs and Joyful Soul Business Coach
who knows how to help you turn off your Inner Shitty Committee,
upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path
so your business is a true expression of your divine essence.

Copyright © 2018 Tina van Leuven. All Rights Reserved.

Dec 23

Magic Manifesting Tips For The Holidays and Beyond

By Tina van Leuven | Energy Alignment

I have a few powerful Magic Manifesting Tips for you to re-mind you of the amazing magic that is YOU.

It's almost Christmas...and 2018 is just around the corner...

  • What's on your wish list?
  • What would YOU like to wish into manifestation in 2018?

Whatever is on your list, if you'd like to amplify your manifesting magic, then I have some powerful manifesting tips for you.

And a few re-mind-ers... 

We're always manifesting; just might not always be with conscious intention!

So... in order to manifest anything with conscious intention, remember that

you must ASK for what you want...

and that can stir up all sorts of stuff...

from not knowing what you want...

to not knowing HOW this could possibly happen to not wanting to be disappointed so better not get your hopes up so better just ask for crumbs... 

to not wanting to be greedy etc etc. If that sounds familiar, then how about an upgrade?


you must then BE the frequency/vibration of what
you're wanting to manifest.

In other words, you must BE the ESSENCE of your desired manifestation.

To tap into what the essence of your desired manifestation is, ask yourself the following questions and take some time to journal your responses:

  1. What does having this bring me?
  2. When I have what this brings me, how do I FEEL?

Then make it a priority to align with that feeling state and whenever you're out of tune... then CHANGE THE CHANNEL 🙂

My advice for once you've answered these questions and have the clarity of which essence state to stay tuned into?

RELAX and Lighten the F**k UP... and let JOY be your guide to showing you which actions to take by what lights you up. can't worry your way to joy. Simply not on the same channel.

And unless your desired manifestation will bring you more to worry about and with more to worry about, you feel joy...

then I recommend giving your inner database an upgrade of what joy is and is not...

so you can let go of requiring something to worry about so as to experience more joy.

OK, if your mind is spinning after reading that, then that's exactly what happens when you've got mixed signals broadcasting...

and that will manifest some of what you want and some of what you don't.

You know, where something shows up and it's great for the most part BUT... and your list of things follows with what's not so great about it.

Sound familiar?...

If so, then you're not alone. 

This is 'simply' an old habit that's been passed down for generations.

Just because that's how it's been for ages, doesn't mean it has to continue that way, though!

Let's say you're wanting to manifest more money, for example.

Well, first of all, which amount would that be for you?

  1. What does having this amount of money bring me?
    It could be freedom, more choice, ease, peace of mind etc
  2. When I have what this brings me ( freedom, peace, more choice, ease, peace of mind etc), how do I FEEL?
    It could be free, light, joyful, abundant, relaxed...

Whatever the feeling states are for you, these are your KEY to what you must BE to manifest into form/reality/matter what you desire.

The thing to remember is this:

  • You can manifest the ESSENCE of absolutely anything you desire. 

The other thing to re-mind yourself of is this:

  • Your desired manifestation may or may not look like what you had in MIND yet you can bet your ass it will feel amazing because it is aligned with the ESSENCE state of what you were calling in.

To the degree the ego is still running the show on your manifesting team, this may stir up all sorts of things, or not...

And if so, then to that I say:

Let that shit be turned into fertiliser so it can support the flourishing of your desired manifestations with ever increasing ease, grace, joy, abundance and whatever else lights you up!

Happy holidays and happy manifesting.

joyful blessings,


P.S. If you'd like to turn up your manifesting magic for 2018, then come and join me for the 'Align Your Vision for 2018 with Joy and Abundance' online playshop series! Sign up before January 4th to receive an extra holiday bonus at

Oct 21

How Do You Stay Joyful When You’re Feeling Worried and Overwhelmed?

By Tina van Leuven | Energy Alignment

Have you ever noticed that knowing something mentally does not necessarily mean that all of you is on board with this? I mean, you know that worrying is a waste of your precious life force energy, yet does this stop you from worrying?

Just knowing something at conscious mind level is one thing. Where the disconnect happens is when your subconscious and unconscious hold a different definition. It’s when you find yourself thinking one thing yet feeling something else.

Perhaps you can relate to the question below, sent in by Monica:

I’m going through financial difficulties at the moment (trying to find a job and trusting that the right job is going to come) but I wondered, how can we deal with the stress of that, when you’re in the red, living off an overdraft and not get sucked into a negative attitude or worry? How do we remain in a joyful and connected state when what we’re really feeling is worried and overwhelmed?

When you find yourself in a challenging situation that is creating a lot of stress, then it can be sooooooo easy to forget even the simplest things that you know are beneficial for your wellbeing.

I bet you know exactly what to do more or less of, right?

Get enough rest, spend time in nature, exercise, eat healthy…

So why do we forget?

Worry, anxiety, fear… they literally dumb you down as you forget to breathe… cutting off the oxygen supply to your brain and body… resulting in foggy brain, feeling overwhelmed, confused… basically unable to think straight.

They’re contracting emotions which shut you down from receiving the answers/solution you’ve been searching or asking for.

So… first things first.


Then there is a vital step that many who are familiar with law of attraction and affirmations forget, prefer to skip or are simply unaware of, which actually amplifies the worry and overwhelm.

What is that step?

It’s acknowledging what you’re actually feeling – such as the worry or overwhelm that Monica mentions – and then allowing the energy to shift from your physical and emotional body and entire energy field before tuning in to the joy you want to experience more of. This can happen in a split second or might take a bit longer, depending on how well trained your trust muscles are.

And by the way, this is really all about allowing yourself to experience more of YOU, the joy and abundance that you are, and to have this reflected in your life more and more.

Remember… you can’t worry your way to joy. They’re simply incompatible frequencies broadcasting on different channels.

When you miss this step, aka spiritual bypassing, then you’re dragging all this emotional crap with you, pretending it isn’t there, and wondering why your affirmations aren’t shifting your energy and circumstances…

It’ll amplify all the ‘not good enough’ stories, beLIEfs and memories you’ve ever picked up or bought into and hence give you more to worry about.

Catch 22, anyone?

If you’re currently finding yourself in a challenging situation, then simply re-mind yourself to breathe and allow the infinite BEing you are to shift the energy in you and the situation(s) at hand…  and then ask yourself:

  • What would light me up in this moment?
  • What would be fun to experience right now?
  • What feels joyful to my essence?
  • What enhances my joy?

Then act on the wisdom of your inner BEing and let that inform all your DOing.

If you’ve experienced any of the 7 Day Money and Miracles Challenges I’ve facilitated so far, then perhaps you’ll remember the Money Miracles Mantra? If not, I thought I’d share the video replay here for you to enJOY.

This was from Day One – Discover the 3 word Money Miracle Mantra that will instantly align you with the joy and abundance you desire and deserve.

Until we meet again, go forth and let joy be your guide to a life and business worth waking up for every day!

joyful blessings,


P.S. The next 7 day challenge is happening in January 2018 but if you don’t want to wait that long then you can get access to all the video replays plus download the audio mp3’s by clicking HERE.

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Jun 12

How To Tell The Difference Between Fear and Divine Intervention

By Tina van Leuven | Energy Alignment

Some people are implementers and others are idea generators. Very few are both.

I tend to be more of an idea generator than an implementer yet can do both to a certain degree before I get bored or frustrated.

How about you?

Have you ever had an idea that lit you up and left you feeling super excited?

And then, soon after you started implementing the required action steps to turn your idea into reality, you stalled? Landing you in a holding pattern?

I most certainly have and at such times I often question if I’m resisting moving forward due to fear or if there’s something else going on. So that inspired my writing today 🙂

How To Tell The Difference Between Fear and Divine Intervention

Resistance is a normal part of growth and expansion.

We all experience it to varying degrees in many aspects of life.

  • It’s that edge when you’re on your yoga mat and you think you can’t possibly stretch any further and then you take a deep breath and let go… and next thing you know, you’ve moved beyond that initial resistance.
  • It’s that sudden desire to go to sleep when you don’t feel like doing the task ahead and you do a quick energy clearing… and wow, everything suddenly flows.
  • It’s that Inner Shitty Committee broadcasting their top #3 reasons to back off but you recognise what’s happening and decide to change the channel… and you suddenly know without a shadow of a doubt what your next step is and you just do it.

So how can you tell whether resistance is fear or divine intervention?

Well, over the years I’ve come to recognise this in myself and through working with clients from all around the world in a wide variety of industries, just in case you wondered if this only affects certain types of people. Resistance can show up in many ways. Procrastination is a big favourite.

Here’s what I’ve come to realise:

If the energy doesn’t flow, then let it go.

  1. It either isn’t right for you, at least not at this time. If you find yourself holding on because ________ and fill in whatever this stirs up in you, odds are that you are holding on due to fear, obligation or guilt. None of which support your essence to thrive… they definitely fuel the ego, though.OR
  2. Something within you, others involved or systems you’re using needs to be cleared or optimised. When this is the case, you’ll know it was divine intervention because the moment the energy is cleared or different systems are used then everything becomes infused with ease and grace, and let’s not forget FUN. Everything suddenly lines up, as if by magic.

And often it’s a combination of both of the above.

I recently had a fabulous opportunity to feel into some resistance of my own.

While getting ready to launch this website and transition from InnerDelight to using my name instead, I was simultaneously looking at my calendar to schedule the brand new 7 Day Money and Miracles Challenge.

I met with my marketing coach and she helped me reverse engineer all the steps I needed to take to make this happen.

I had a crystal clear roadmap with the action steps to take and by when.

This is a process, by the way, which I easily facilitate with my private clients yet here I was struggling to apply this to myself. That’s why I get help.

Anyway, the reason I was struggling was that I hit overwhelm and I found myself procrastinating.

Overwhelm is another favourite disguise for resistance…

I noticed myself wanting to delay the challenge to September yet that didn’t really feel good either.

So… fear or divine intervention?

I had some awareness of what was going on here – which by the way goes to show that just having awareness of something doesn’t necessarily shift the energy – so I applied my energy clearing tools.

What revealed itself?

Fear of getting so bogged down to get all of this ready by the timelines of ‘the plan’ and having no time to actually enjoy myself along the way. And if you know me, then you know how I value enJOYing what I’m doing.

The moment I played with moving the dates, I immediately felt lighter and I suddenly knew how to resolve the one technical issue that had been holding me back.

Bam, just like that, by clearing the energy within me, the energy shifted with the systems I’d been using. I actually changed one and made a few slight tweaks in the others and everything flowed again.

Plus a new date revealed itself that just felt right. Divine intervention?

The power of energy alignment.

If you’re finding yourself in a similar holding pattern in any area of your life, then come and join the 7 Day Money and Miracles Challenge.

It’s all about clearing the 7 biggest obstacles to receiving money and miracles in your life. With ripple effects into every other aspect of your life and business.

It starts Monday 26 June 2017.

Register here:

If you know any other soul-preneurs who might benefit from creating a shift in their money mindset, then send them the link so they can benefit from this free training as well.

Until we meet again, go forth and let joy be your guide to a life and business that are worth waking up for every day.

joyful blessings,


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