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february 25th - march 3rd, 2019

the 5 day abundant soulpreneur summit encore kicks off in


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Running your own business can be immensely fulfilling and liberating. When you’re doing what you love and you’re making the money you want, it’s awesome, right? 

Yet the stark reality often finds you working your butt off trying to wear the many different hats of being an entrepreneur to keep your business running.

Social media, marketing, website, tech stuff… 

these are just a few of the things to be taken care of.

As a soulpreneur, you are passionate about expressing your gifts and talents in the world as you know your brilliance makes a difference.  

Yet the practical everyday aspects of running a business are usually not your favourite way to spend your days…

  • ​tracking your income and expenses
  • writing website copy and emails
  • having sales conversations
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    attending networking events

Perhaps you don’t mind some of these yet if truth be told… 

Wouldn’t you rather have a team to take care of all that stuff you don’t really enjoy so you can focus on the work you love?

Anytime you’re ready to uplevel, you’ll find yourself needing more support yet you might not always be clear on what the right support for you is at the stage of business you’re in.

That can lead to buying tools and apps or investing in programs that are actually not the best use of your time nor money.

You know those courses you signed up for to complete...one day?... Yeah, how many did you actually complete AND implement? 

Having made a gazillion ‘mistakes’ along the way myself and a lot of courses that gathered dust, I’ve also picked up a LOT of tips and tricks. 

Things I now share with my clients, things I wish I had known when I was starting my biz and at those pivotal times of expansion.  

That’s why I invited 10 of my favourite
Abundant Soulpreneurs who are experts in their field  to join me for the 

5 Day Abundance Reset Challenge last september
to share their top 3 tips with you,
the things they wish they’d known back when.

​You just might save yourself from countless hours of frustration or wasting thousands of dollars.

and what emerged was pure gold
which is why we're hosting an encore
from february 25th - march 3rd, 2019

bust through your
abundance blocks.

Whenever you're ready to take your business and income to the next level, you're going to reach a point where you can simply no longer do it all yourself and you have to allow yourself to receive the support you require to expand.

Strange as it may seem, that can stir up all sorts of resistance and fear, which can block your flow of abundance in the most uncanny ways.

During the

5 Day Abundan​t soulpreneur summit encore, you'll receive:

A bunch of super juicy mojo boosters from our expert team of Abundant Soulpreneurs to support you in the areas of sales, social media, soul purpose, your ideal niche, outsourcing, copy writing, vibrant wellbeing and much more! 

  • All the action is taking place between February 25th and March 3rd, 2019.
  • You'll also be invited to join us inside a brand new private Forum, away from Facebook, where you can meet other awesome Abundant Soulpreneurs and continue the juicy conversations.
  • Plus we've created an amazing Super Juicy Bundle which you're going to LOVE!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll experience 

during our

5 days...

day one


Janine Gregor is a virtual dream team builder who is setting a new standard in building virtual teams for entrepreneurs.

Known in the virtual world as the VA matchmaker, and having been a rock star VA herself, she connects entrepreneurs with the virtual professional that’s right for them.

In this interview, you’ll learn how you can make your Virtual Assistant pay for themselves, what type of VA you actually need, and how to identify when it’s time to expand your team!

darla kirchner

Darla Kirchner is a brand story coach. She uses her 20 years plus of entrepreneurial expertise to help women create authentic brand stories and identities and develop meaningful marketing strategies that connect.  

In this interview we talk all about the key elements of a personal brand that will captivate your ideal clients, what does branding even mean, and Darla’s top tips to get your branding right -the first time!

day two


Stefanie LaHart is the founder and lead social media strategist for Boomtown Marketing. She is an award-winning social media strategist and speaks about social media for professionals and businesses on national stages in the USA.

She's helped hundreds of businesses launch their online presence and create the digital conversations that convert to real world customers.

In my interview Stefanie we covered creating social media conversations that convert to customers, breaking down the social media elephant and finding your tribe on the platforms.


Julia McKeowen is known as the soul centred sales queen. She loves supporting entrepreneurs to transform their negative associations with sales.

Her 10 plus years of experience in the cut throat sales industry inspired her to create the seven pillars of soul centred sales mentoring programs for women who desire a mindset makeover around selling.

In this interview we talk about Julia’s top soul centred sales secrets. When you know how simple it can really be, your conversations with potential clients will be transformed and you will attract the clients destined to work with you!

day three

patrica missakian

On Day Three, I interviewed Patricia Missakian, the founder of the Akashic Records Institute, which is a school for spiritual development where students learn how to develop their intuition, uncover their soul purpose and decode the messages found in the Akashic Records.

We talk about what the Akashic Records are, how they helped transform Patricia’s own life, and the top three things she’s learned along the way.

You’ll also discover what may be holding you back from fully experiencing and creating the life that you want, and from fulfilling your true soul purpose.

ANNA Kowalska

Anna Kowalska is a scientific hand analyst, transformation coach and purpose guide.

Anna guides heart centred, spirit led, entrepreneurs in creating a business that is an expression of their soul purpose while avoiding frustration or servitude.

In this interview, you’ll learn why and how to create a business that serves you while you are in service to your ideal soul destined clients, how to have a consistent flow of your ideal clients, and how to get clear on your purpose - and who you are actually here to serve.

day four


As the CEO of the Stone Foundation of Behavioural Health firm in Maryland and the force behind Perfected Practice, an international branding and business strategy program for mental health entrepreneurs, Samara Stone truly is unstoppable!

Her dynamic presentation style, fuelled by 20 plus years of knowledge and experience, helps her to naturally inspires others to be their best self.

In this interview we explore what it really takes to create the true confidence you need to be unstoppable in your own arena!

sara estelle turner

Sara Turner is the founder of

Create A Magical Business.

She helps healers who are passionate

and ready to be of service, and who

are no longer willing to hide their light,

to create nourishing and aligned


She merges practical business

strategies with the alignment of nature,

and helps business owners to ensure

their actions and decisions flow from

a sacred inner alignment.

In this interview,  Sara shares the three

keys to creating a magical business

so that you can be an empowered

change maker in the world.

day five


Joseph Rea is a copywriting and messaging professional. Combining a unique background of engineering, marketing and personal development, Joseph brings a fresh perspective to getting your message across to your audience. He works with clients to dig deep and uncover the core essence of their greatest work and captures it with the perfect words. Don't leave your message to chance. Find the perfect words to inspire your audience and grow your business. In this interview, shares the secrets to creating irresistible signature process that clearly communicates the value of your work and inspires your prospects to say yes!


Tom Morkes is the founder of Insurgent Publishing, the creator of the iconic podcast In The Trenches, author of 'The Art of Instigating' and 'Collaborate', and he helps high profile thought leaders and fast growth startups grow to reach impact and profit. In this interview, Tom will share the three secrets to generating six figures from your next launch, why he’s happy is some ways he didn’t know then what he knows now, and the importance of partnership and collaboration.


During the 5 Day Abundance Reset Challenge you'll receive amazing time saving and abundance boosting resources from a team of fellow soulpreneurs who are experts in their field to support you with busting through whatever's been blocking your flow of abundance so that you can take your business to the next level with ease and grace, and of course plenty of FUN.

Meet your Abundant Soulpreneur Guides

Tina van Leuven - Abundance Mindset Mentor and Joyful Soul Business Coach

Your Host

Tina is a Joyful Soul Business Coach and Abundance Mindset Mentor for soulpreneurs who are ready to increase their abundance frequency and take their income to the next level by doing what they love and BEing the light they are.

She knows how to help you turn off your Inner Shitty Committee, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your business is a true expression of your divine essence.

Your Expert Speakers

Stefanie LaHart - Founder and Lead Social Media Strategist for BoomTown Marketing

Joseph Rea - Copywriter & Messaging Professional 

Samara Stone - ​Social Work Entrepreneur

Sara Turner - Founder of Create a Magical Business

Julia McKeowen - Soul Centred Sales Queen

Janine Gregor - Virtual Dream Team Builder

Patricia Missakian - Founder Akashic Records Institute

Tom Morkes - Founder, Insurgent Publishing

Darla Kirchner - Brand Story Coach for women in business

Anna Kowalska - Scientific Hand Analyst, Transformational Coach, Purpose Guide.

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the 5 day abundan​t soulpreneur summit encore
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