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All of my goals have been hugely exceeded, I could not have done this without you.

Karla Rothmann , Artist

I am certain that without your guidance I would not be living the dream I am now. You showed me where my confidence was hiding and made some of the hardest, life changing decisions seem like a piece of cake.

Thank you for always believing in my dreams and reminding me what it really is that I want to manifest in my life.

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I have just lived the most fear-free 6 weeks of my life!

Sacha Laurin , Kombucha Couture

I truly believe the 40-day Money and Miracles Experience did change my direction forever. I have just lived the most fear-free 6 weeks of my life!

I’ve felt like something big is about to happen and it did. I got a Facebook message from the biggest designer events company in Paris on rue Faubourg St Honoré, asking me to showcase my Kombucha Couture at Paris Fashion Week 2015. THE biggest runway in the world.

I hadn’t dared to even dream. But there it is. It’s big and it’s all real.

I truly believe it is a miracle and I would never have opened up the path to this opportunity if I hadn’t committed to Tina’s program. As I wrote for Day 40 – I got my dream or bigger than. Thank you, Tina. You make miracles happen….


I was surprised by my thoughts about money. It was very much a love/hate relationship.

Debbie Lanyon , Medicine Woman, Clarity Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

There are times when we cannot do it alone, we sometimes need help. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Tina.

Whilst I have had success financially and in my business. I needed insight into why I was blocking myself from moving forward.

Having spent over $60,000 on personal development in the past 5 years, it has always been in large group settings, which was amazing and started to resolve many issues. However for me I knew I needed personal one on one time to really go deep with some of the programming.

During the 40 Day Money and Miracles Experience I went deeper with Tina than I have before and was able to clear a lot more conditioning that had been playing out in my life.

I was surprised by my thoughts about money. It was very much a love/hate relationship. I wanted it and I didn’t want it.

Tina also helped me clear obstacles that had held me back from fully expressing the medicine woman I am, and feel confident being more visible as I let the world know I’m bloody good at what I do.

I feel much more open to receiving money and also much more aligned with my business. I am doing what I love and I no longer have to be the world’s best kept secret!

If you’re stuck in regards to money or finding yourself going around in circles or not getting the results you want, sign up for the 40 Day Money and Miracles Experience. There’s nothing else like it out there.

Are you ready for more jo​y and abundance
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​Let me help you build a sustainable Joyful Soul Business that aligns your purpose, vision and what you want at a soul level with the money mindset you need to bring more joy and abundance into every aspect of your life and business.


Lisa Marie Young , Love Linguist and Relationship Coach

I used to have deep hang ups around receiving money for my Love Linguist & relationship coaching ... my money mindset was hindering me from being able to create the kind of impact I wanted to make.

With Tina's Money Mindset Makeover program I shifted the old paradigms of guilt, shame, and fear of what making money "means!" The learnings improved all areas of my life. Now I live in abundance (in every way) with a thriving practice serving my life purpose and helping others!

​​so ​who the heck is tina?

​​​Hi, I'm Tina​ and I absolutely love ​helping soulpreneurs align their energy and mindset with the intentions, desires, and vision they have for their business and their life.

​I do this by helping to clear your money blocks and energetically release lifelong limiting programming that has been sabotaging entrepreneurs from creating the results they know deep within their hearts are possible, yet haven’t been able to achieve.

​I help entrepreneurs reconnect with their own source of joy and abundance while discovering ways to express that in their business so that they may monetise their unique gifts.

​I'm the founder of Abundant Soulpreneur, creator of 'Money and Miracles', and international bestselling author who knows how to help you turn off your Inner Shitty Committee, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your business is a true expression of your divine essence.

​​​I stepped onto my career path when I was 18 with massage therapy and over the last 30+ years this has expanded into combining powerful energy healing with specific tools to turn on your money mojo so you can experience both the joy AND financial success you desire in your business.

Since 2008 I've been supporting entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, healers and trailblazers from all over the world to clear their obstacles to experiencing more joy and abundance in their life and business.

​I'm known for my healings at 35,000 feet in the air, have facilitated healing retreats around the globe, and help you train your trust muscles so you can experience more freedom and confidence expressing who you truly are.

​I have a deep passion for helping others remember their divine nature and tap into their own source of joy as I believe that this may very well be the solution for peace on earth.

​My strength lies in my light-hearted, yet deep approach to getting to the core of what's been holding you back so you are free to seriously enjoy your life and business.

I’ve studied many different healing modalities around the world, ranging from aromatherapy, reflexology, astrology, numerology, AuraSoma®, EFT, TAT, and Z- Point to name a few as well as completed a 4-year comprehensive healing science program at Victoria Merkle’s Center for Energy Medicine in California, USA.

And being a capricorn, I'm practical and down to earth with my spirituality. ​So perhaps it's not surprising I love helping soulpreneurs like you to master your energy and take aligned practical action steps that get you the results you ​truly desire.

Jumping up and down with excitement t​hat we've found one another here?


If you’re thinking about joining any of Tina’s program’s or coaching with her privately, DO IT.

Lena Geraghty , Director Aegle Sustainability

Work with Tina, she is amazing and will, if you are willing, help you get to wherever it is that you want to be.

Have a conversation with her and see if it feels right. Work out a program with her that suits you and stop procrastinating and give it a shot. What’s the best thing that can happen? It’s successful and you can look back and say I wish I had done that sooner?!!

I needed someone that got me as an entire person, not just to ‘coach’ in an exec way- aka goal setting etc and I can see how clearing all the crap has freed my time up to concentrate on what matters.

FEAR was my biggest issue followed closely by people pleasing!

I knew I wanted to do ‘something’ and get back to work in some shape after maternity leave but I certainly did not EVER want to be a consultant! The very thought of that word made me feel horrid! Yet here I am nearly 8 months later with a successful consultancy!

When I signed up I had hoped to get over the fear of being rejected – not good enough, being put down by others ( aka who does she think she is!) and even though I am confident, having the confidence to just go for it.

Investing $$ in myself through her was a massive deal and breakthrough for me as I don’t part with money easily. I’m so glad I did, though! I’ve gotten over many fears and have turned my dreams into actions.

I have set up my business, in my specialist field, working hours that suit me and fit my family life, embarking on opportunities and partnerships I never thought possible and being paid exactly what I want.

Tina is officially on my team as my business coach and I can safely say that without her I would not have done this. Thank you Tina from the bottom of my heart.

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